image credit: Blue Ocean Global Technology   By definition, a financial advisor’s job is to guide their clients and best position them for achieving their desired lifestyle and retirement vision. Ironically, these same advisors devote very little time to protecting their own business equity: generally fewer than 30% of all advisors have undergone the process…[...]

  • Elite Advisor Consulting continually provides me with quality financial advisors who align with our firm culture and values. Chris invested the time to thoroughly understand our value proposition and what type of advisor may benefit from an introduction to our story. Chris’s focus is relationships. His long-term perspective and expansive network provide real options when helping advisors identify a successor firm or transition to a new company. Experience has taught me that when Elite introduces a potential candidate, the advisor is usually a strong fit for our organization and strategic plan.

    David W.Financial Planning Firm – Hartford, CT
  • Elite Advisor Consulting is a qualified resource for any firm looking to make the most informed decisions. Chris’s commitment to excellence and emotional intelligence underpin his continued success. Every financial advisor that has joined our firm as a result of his stewardship recognizes that Chris truly cared about their best interests throughout the process. Chris is authentic. He develops stronger rapport and deeper relationship capital with his clients relative to any other recruiting firm with whom we partner.

    Mark P.OSJ/RIA – New York City
  • I have been working with Chris Orlando since 1998. As a fiduciary, he consistently prioritizes the needs of my clients and business. I feel fortunate to be in a position to rely upon his proprietary framework of industry best practices. Chris’s opinion is always objective; his perspective on platforms and business model options available nationally is an asset. To this day, I regularly contact Chris for his opinion on different products and firms when I am thinking of what I need to do to be successful in my practice.

    John A.Financial Planner - Burbank, CA
  • Chris Orlando is a trusted resource for my business. His guidance was invaluable when transitioning to a new firm. He managed my expectations throughout the process. Our success was predicated on the fact that he invested the time to understand my vision. He focuses on my career and is helping me write the next chapter of my professional life.

    Joe S.Financial Advisor - Newport Beach, CA
  • For the last 8 years, Chris Orlando has been an integral part of my success. He continually provides me with the valuable guidance necessary to grow my financial advisory practice. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding the inherent challenges within the advisory industry. Chris has earned my trust. I give him my highest recommendation when referring my closest friends & colleagues.

    Bill S.Financial Advisor - Phoenix, AZ